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Costa Brava Region, Spain

Costa Brava is a region with high seasonal water demand and frequent water scarcity episodes which can also cause saltwater intrusion. It is one of the first areas applying water reuse in Europe. In total 14 full-scale tertiary treatments provide 4 Mm³/year (2016) for agricultural irrigation, environmental uses, non-potable urban uses and, recently, indirect potable reuse. 
The WWTP of Tossa de Mar works with one-line treatment with an average flowrate of 7.4 m³/h, ranging from 4.5 m3/h during winter period (values from 2018) to a maximum of 11 m3/h reached in summer. Mainly during the summer period, the number of tourists and the wastewater flowrate to be treated increase; thus, a part of the effluent from the secondary treatment is sequentially treated by its tertiary treatment (flocculation/coagulation, pre-chlorination, sand filtration and disinfection process with UV lamps and chlorination). 
Nowadays the effluent from tertiary system is used for agricultural irrigation and environmental and non-potable water uses. The excess water flows to the sea. Due to the increase on water demand, especially during summer period, it is bedded on improving the final quality of regenerated water for broadening its application in more restrictive reuses such as private garden irrigation or indirect potable reuse. This goal is pursued by NextGen pilot plant.  In the case study, a pilot plant integrated by ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) modules fitted with RO regenerated membranes was installed in December 2019 at the WWTP of Tossa de Mar. The pilot plant was allocated after the sand filter of the tertiary treatment of the WWTP. It will operate for 2 years (2020-2021). During this period, the operation conditions of this new system will be evaluated, as well as the quality of the water obtained to be used for the irrigation of private gardens.

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