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Westland, Netherlands

The Westland region in the Netherlands are dense urban and industrial areas and greenhouse horticulture complexes. The main objective of the Westland demo case is the demonstration of an integrated approach for a circular water system. In the region already numerous initiatives exist of circular technologies related to e.g. rainwater harvesting and reuse in horticulture, aquifer thermal energy storage, and resource recovery from WWTPs. In NextGen, a regional management strategy for a circular water-energy-materials system is  implemented, supported by a CoP to have active cooperation between stakeholders. For their water demand, the horticulture companies use rainwater harvesting basins, complemented with groundwater desalination technologies. Scenarios for alternatives that further close the water system are developed, that include Aquifer Storage & Recovery and WWTP effluent reuse as water sources for the horticulture. For their heat demand, several clusters of greenhouses already have, or are developing, a geothermal well. However none of these clusters have a large scale heat buffer to overcome the temporal mismatch. High Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (HT-ATES) systems are an cost-effective method for large scale heat storage in areas where aquifers are available, like in the Westland. At the horticulture company Koppert Cress, an ATES system is being converted to an HT-ATES system. 

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