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Alicante, Spain


The Alicante Living Lab aims to exploit 100% of the reuse potential in the region and to promote circular economy strategies both at the Rincón de León WWTP and in the region. In the water-energy vector, solutions for the co-digestion of oils and greases or the installation of microturbines for energy recovery from wastewater treatment plant effluents will be evaluated. In the water-resources vector, ion exchange membrane technologies will be evaluated to maximise the recovery of reclaimed water, as well as the recovery of raw materials from current reverse osmosis rejects. On the other hand, evaporation and crystallisation solutions will be evaluated for the recovery and valorisation of nutrients in the sewage sludge line.

Within the framework of the Living Lab on reuse, a digital decision-making support tool will also be developed to help simulate future scenarios for the investments to be made in infrastructures, to quantify the environmental benefits and impacts derived or to select the optimal treatments in terms of profitability, among others.

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DSS for the evaluation of new investments and actions related to water reuse and circular economy solutions within the …

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