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DSS for the evaluation of new investments and actions related to water reuse and circular economy solutions within the urban water cycle. Scope of application: regional level.

Target audience

Decision-makers on urban water investments. Competent administration.

Owners of the product

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Actors, their roles and interactions

  • Technology providers, industries to provide with data to feed the economic and technical models.
  • Water utilities, planners, and decision makers as end-users.

Unique selling points

Main added value of the RE-ACTOR is its agility to assess quickly different scenarios and its user friendly interface. The end-user will be able to easily analyse complex potential investments and scenarios to prioritize those showing highest cost-benefit potential.

Technical requirements

Internet and minimum requirements to access to the web app.

Software data

v1.0 (alpha)
  • SaaS - Web application

Technologies applied by the product

Energy recovery technologies

In order to mitigate the human made climate change, we urgently need a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy…

  • bolt

Membrane systems

  • water_drop

Case Study applying the product