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Chemcial Platform of Roussillon


The Roches-Roussillon chemical platform exists since 1915 and brings together 16 companies specialised in the chemical industry on the same site, including several giants of the sector such as Seqens, Elkem and Adisseo. SUEZ RR IWS Chemicals operate on this platform two hazardous waste incinerators that treat a significant proportion of the chemical platform waste and a biomass recovery unit that provides 15% of the chemical platform steam requirement. On Roches-Roussillon site, SUEZ RR IWS CHEMICALS activity focuses on three areas:
1) Aqueris: high temperature incineration of industrial liquid hazardous waste (aqueous and organic), specialised in:
       - Aqueous waste with strong salt content
       - Sulphurous waste (mercaptan type)
       - Very dangerous waste (cyanide, acetonitrile, etc.)
2) Aqueris: evapo-incineration, for waste with a low pollutant load
3) Robin: hazardous and non-hazardous biomass valorisation, with steam production distributed to the platform industrials.
Among these, the Ultimate project will be involved in the Aqueris application. Over the past five years, the site has developed the ranges of waste received with the treatment of high-sulphur waste. This has resulted in an increase in the amount of sulphates collected in the washing water and then sent without recovery to the treatment plant. Due to environmental constraints (discharge of sulphate in the Rhône must be below 26 g/L and 24 t/d, sulphur dioxide content in the fumes must be lower than 120 mg/Nm3/30min and 30mg/Nm3/day), but above all due to the will of SUEZ to convert Aqueris into a material recovery unit, a project is being studied by the Industrial Department of SUEZ RR IWS for the recovery of sulphur.
The three technical-economic feasibility studies are carried out by IWS using data (site measurements and calculated indicators) configured and available in the ULTIMATE IT application, based on the WASTE ADVANCED® Data Management software product (formerly AQUACALC™), developed by 3S.

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