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Digital Enabler™ is data driven, native cloud, ecosystem platform. Designed and engineered by Engineering’s R&D Labs over the past years, today it is one of the few available, fully functioning, ready to use, Cloud Ecosystems Platforms available on the market.

As an “Ecosystem” platform, Digital Enabler enables new data economy business models, fostering innovation & enhancing current capabilities.

It allows you to Harmonize, Synchronize, Integrate, Visualize, Mashup, Federate, Analyze data to power your digital transformation & provides a single point of (data) knowledge that can be used to develop new value added services as well as digitally enabling older technologies and applications.

Digital Enabler should be used wherever data needs to be enriched.

Our Digital Enabler platform can: 

  • Create an Open innovation Area, to manage and develop new ideas;
  • Discover and normalize different types of data source (Open Data, Enterprise Data, IoT devices & Infrastructure and many more…) increasing your base knowledge;
  • Evaluate data quality of sources, improving overall data quality; 
  • Provide real time data management / event driven information for alerting and monitoring;
  • Dynamically Model & Integrate Data; 
  • Visualize, analyze and render Data via its Mash up and Mock Up capabilities and Front End Dashboards, creating new digital; capabilities, applications and services that power up the new «Data Economy» ecosystem.

It is entirely based on Open Standards and Open API, it is FIWARE based.

Target audience

Organizations whose services, products and processes are driven by data.

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Unique selling points

  1. It enables organizations to rapidly join the new «data economy» ecosystems.
  2. Industry, domain & technology independent.
  3. No hardware or software installation is required.
  4. You can scale up/down users whilst keeping your costs fully under control.
  5. Increases the value of existing assets and promotes new business solutions.
  6. Reduced time to market and improved responsiveness to business demands by rapidly and easily going from mockup to «ready to publish» app (mobile & web).
  7. Great usability, thanks to its fast prototyping and integrated WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) visual user interface, to visualize, analyze and render data via mash up and mock up capabilities and front end dashboards.


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Technologies applied by the product

Energy recovery technologies

In order to mitigate the human made climate change, we urgently need a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy…

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