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Technology demonstration of urban stormwater reuse for agriculture, introducing alternative water resources for irrigation. Development of a management tool to control water level in the basin and distribution to the irrigation system based on water level, water demand, and weather prediction of precipitation/ storm events.

Target audience

Wastewater operators (as a product to install). Farmers (as a service).

Owners of the product

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Actors, their roles and interactions

(Waste)water utilities provide reuse water to farmers, municipalities and industry in need of water.

Unique selling points

Buffer infrastructure will be extended by a novel functionality in that the designed control system will enable it to serve as source of water in reuse concepts while maintaining its buffer capacity.

Technical requirements

Not applicable, the service is currently designed to run on AQF & VITO infrastructure.

Technology applied by the product

Urban Waterbuffer

  • water_drop

Case Study applying the product