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P-Agro Minerals develops and manufactures an environmentally friendly mineral material Letonite (patentable technology), designed to facilitate phosphorus recovery from wastewater. Its novelty lies in its manufacturing method and potential application. Letonite, a versatile mineral, offers a unique proposition for wastewater treatment and agriculture due to its high phosphorus absorption abilities. 

With our unique Letonite water filter technology, we address the early stage of the food supply chain, focusing on sustainable and efficient nutrient sourcing. We obtain essential nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, from municipal and industrial wastewater streams and recover them in the form of fertilizer for agriculture.

Target audience

Wastewater treatment plants, Industrial companies, other

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Unique selling points

  • Locally sourced mineral material, available in Europe
  • P removal with >90% efficiency
  • Works best in effluent streams
  • Compatible with new EU directive
  • Patentable technology
  • Letonite beneficial for agricultural soil

Technology applied by the product

Resource for Circular Economy