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BIOBOX offers prefabricated and fully automated compact plants for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and reuse. 

The key innovation of BIOBOX lies in its ability to make advanced water treatment technology accessible to companies of all sizes. Unlike other options in the market, BIOBOX offers solutions with advanced proprietary technologies, more sustainable and competitive, previously only available to large plants.

Its plants stand out for their prefabricated container or skid format, occupying little space and avoiding the need for civil works. This reduces investment costs, manufacturing times and inconvenience for customers. In addition, its disruptive approach allows customized solutions that adapt to specific requirements or existing facilities.

The complete automation of BIOBOX plants makes them virtually autonomous, optimizing resources and ensuring efficient and reliable operation. Constant monitoring of key parameters and real-time remote access from any internet-enabled device ensure a rapid response to any need.

BIOBOX not only offers products, but also comprehensive services that include custom design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, knowledge transfer and remote monitoring. Despite being a new company, it is leading the way in adopting measures with a positive impact on climate action worldwide.

Target audience

B2B (Public and private industry). We target the niche sector with a focus on small and medium flows.

Owner of the product

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Actors, their roles and interactions

Actors involved:

  • BIOBOXWATER S.L.: Designs, manufactures and commissions prefabricated and automated compact plants for water treatment. It offers customized and fully automated solutions, in addition to a wide range of related products and services.
  • Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. (through INGEOBRAS): Collaborates closely with BIOBOX, providing expertise in engineering projects.
  • Provides innovative technology for BIOBOX plants.
  • Local partners: (Filtralite, Xylem, AMS, Simtech, Optimos Group)

Roles and interactions:

  • BIOBOX designs and manufactures drinking, wastewater and reuse water treatment plants, with advanced technology and in collaboration with its technological partners.
  • Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L. contributes with its experience in engineering projects, facilitating the implementation of BIOBOX solutions.
  • provides innovative technology to improve BIOBOX plants.
  • Local partners collaborate with BIOBOX in different geographic regions to expand their market presence, provide maintenance and local service.

The interaction between these players drives the development, implementation and expansion of more affordable, efficient and sustainable water treatment solutions worldwide.

Unique selling points

The Unique Selling Points of BIOBOX are:

  • Proprietary Engineering: Customized project development thanks to a dedicated engineering division.
  • Proprietary Process: Exclusive technology that guarantees highly effective contaminant removal, meeting strict standards and generating quality treated water at lower costs than traditional technologies.
  • Comprehensive Customized Project Coverage: From laboratory analysis to commissioning, with a customized approach and close collaboration.
  • Smart Machine Approach: Advanced automation system that allows constant monitoring, self-adaptation and remote control for efficient and reliable operation.
  • Compact, Prefabricated, Plug&Play Plants: Ready-to-use solution in container or skid, avoiding costly civil works, reducing space, operation and investment costs, and accelerating execution times.
  • Strategic Alliances: Agreements with leading distributors and multinational companies in water treatment technology.
  • Ecological Approach and Energy Efficiency: Ecological and safe processes, with minimum water consumption and without generating polluting waste. High efficiency in cases such as denitrification and ammonium removal.
  • Experience and Expertise in Water Treatment: More than 20 years of experience support continuous innovation in water treatment, with a focus on research, development and innovation.

Technical requirements

Our technical team is able to evaluate each project if provided with some key information such as 

  • Flow rate to be treated
  • Inlet water analysis
  • Output water objective (Potabilization, discharge to public watercourse according to regulations, reuse)... 
  • space and location requirements 

In addition, some technical aspects have to be checked, such as the possibility to connect to the internet or to a power supply, access and security or compatibility with standards and regulations. 

Each project is tailor-made taking into account your specific needs and situation. 


This product is already in the commercial phase and real success stories demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology can be found on the BIOBOX website. 


Technologies applied by the product

Adsorption systems

  • water_drop

Biological systems

  • water_drop

Control Systems and Automation