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Choi, Y. J., Lee, S., Koo, J., and Kim, S. H., Evaluation of economic feasibility of reverse osmosis and membrane distillation hybrid system for desalination, 2016


This study seeks to evaluate the economic feasibility of membrane distillation (MD) and reverse osmosis (RO)-MD hybrid system for seawater desalination. A theoretical cost model was applied to analyze the effects of flux, recovery, membrane properties, and energy price on RO, MD, and RO-MD hybrid system. The simulation results showed that MD standalone system and RO-MD hybrid system can be cost-competitive compared with RO systems when the recovery and flux of MD system are higher than those of RO system and the steam cost is relatively cheap. It is also revealed that the water costs of RO-MD hybrid system and RO system are same under similar operating conditions, but the water cost of MD stand-alone system is higher. The effect of thermal energy cost on water cost for MD and RO-MD systems was also analyzed. Based on these results, guidelines for an analysis of economic feasibility of MD and RO-MD were suggested.

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