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LaTrappe, Netherlands

The Koningshoeven BioMakery is a biological wastewater treatment system based on modular and functional reactor based ecological engineering. The BioMakery is powered by Metabolic Network Reactor (MNR) technology, which uses 2-3,000 different species of organisms ranging from bacteria to higher level organisms such as plants. The BioMakery serves as a test facility for advanced circular space technology developed within the micro-ecological life support system alternative (MELiSSA) program of ESA. SEMiLLA formerly known as IPStar has a mandate to implement this technology in civil society. Coupling MNR with MELiSSA advanced separation and photobioreaction based technologies, reusable process and/or irrigation water will be produced, while also growing biomass that can be used as slow-release fertilizer for the plant nursery, as fish fodder, or as human food.

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