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MELiSSA advanced separation systems

Micro-ecological life support system alternative (MELiSSA) is a bioregenerative life support system established by the …

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Sulphur Recovery

The exhaust gases from waste incineration facilities may contain many potentially harmful substances. Particularly, sul…

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Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

In the Venice Living Lab the application of resource recovery and circular economy in the field of water, especially…

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Plana Puig, Q., Nanu, C., Groza, I., Soares, A., Vale, P., Monokrousou, K., Makropoulos, C., Katsouras, G., Tsalas, N., Tazes, N., Tsimnadis, K., Lindeboom, R., Plata, C., Suters, R., Kenyeres, I., Plà, M., Filipsson, S., Hedman, F., Kim, J., Hofman, J.,

D1.3 New approaches and best practices for closing the water cycle