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Filton Airfield, United Kingdom

The former Filton Airfield has been recognised as one of the most important brownfield development opportunities in the UK. The 143-ha site is located in the Bristol northern fringe and forms a connection between the Bristol city northern boundary and the conurbations wider northern fringe. The main feature in this site is the runway, which is 2,467 m long and 91 m wide. 
A master plan for this site includes providing live and work opportunities and an efficient traffic and transport network. In addition, a 17,000-seat venue at the Brabazon Hangars will be built within the existing structure on the edge of the former Filton Airfield. 
Within NextGen, water and energy management will be further developed and implemented as part of this masterplan. For water circularity, the activities include the development of a sustainable urban drainage system, rainwater harvesting demonstration. In addition, the feasibility of heat recovery from the sewer system for local heating will be investigated. 

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