Bodø has ambition of becoming a low-emission society and to adapt to climate change. Re-location of the airport enables new sustainable city development with research-based solutions. Key challenges for LL Bodø that impact water includes growing resident population and economy, increased pollution, and untapped efficiency potential.

There are three challenges characteristic for many small to medium size cities in northern regions: i) improve resource recovery from wastewater in an efficient way given the small scale, especially concerning biogas production from sludge; ii) improve wastewater quality by improved infiltration detection technologies coupled with leak detection technologies in an integrated system, to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the wastewater stream; iii) reduction of the use of de-icing and anti-slip agents in the city centre to significantly improve air quality and reduce soil & water pollution.

Applied products

Image of Nessie platform

Nessie platform

Nessie platform is an information system, developed within NTUA, aiming to acquire, process and store, and manage high-…

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