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CRC - Climate Ready Certificates


Water-smart for climate-ready building certificates (simulator & app toolkit) combine water efficiency, water-energy nexus and climate adaptation evaluation into one certificate. The Climate Ready Certificates (CRC) will expand from an already existing initiative by ADENE, AQUA+®, adding the climate adaptation and a stand-alone analysis onto the water-energy nexus evaluation criteria for households, buildings, and neighbourhoods. The objectives of the tool are to, based on input parameters, provide an output with the qualitative result of water and energy efficiency from the water uses and the adequation of the water uses to the climate context, applied to households, buildings, and neighbourhoods. The certification tool will also be linked to the exploitation of financing mechanisms applied to water demand.

The tool will have three dimensions: water efficiency (1 conceptual module), water-energy nexus (1 conceptual module) and climate adaptation (1 conceptual module). These three modules have different conceptual approaches but will serve the same purpose, use the same technology, users and interoperability

ADENE completed the development of the Climate Ready Certificates, and is currently preparing the writing pieces, with all technical specifications and use scenarios for launching the tender for the acquisition of services for the platform development of the Climate Ready Certificates tool. The tender will be launched in July, at the latest. This tool will address the BWS water scarcity challenge

Target audience

Householders, urban developers, building industry and municipalities and Climate Ready Certificates auditors

Owner of the product

Agência Nacional de Energia (ADENE)

Contact person

Pedro Cardoso

Actors, their roles and interactions

ADENE is currently working on the use case scenarios for the platform development tender documents. An example of a use case scenario, for an auditor: The Climate Ready Certification auditor is on a visit to certify a household. He uses his tablet to register the household characteristics requested by the climate-ready methodology. He walks through the methodology and assesses the criteria in the three areas of Water Efficiency, Water-Energy Nexus, Climate Adaptation. When he completes the assessment the certificate is generated informing about the Climate Readiness score

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