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Rioter-eye is a data exploration and visualization tool specifically designed for the WSIS datasets. Powered by Angular…

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Climate Ready Certificates

Climate-readiness certification tool (CRC) is the online digital platform that calculates and emits the Climate-ready c…

Image of Urban Water Cycle Observatory

Urban Water Cycle Observatory

The Urban Water Cycle Observatory is a data visualization instrument for monitor and communicate performance, support u…

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Electrodialysis (ED) is an electrochemical separation process that (selectively) transports ions through electrostatica…

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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

The Lisbon Living Lab key smart-water challenges are: a growing resident population and economy, dependent on distan…

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  • 2022

Plana Puig, Q., Nanu, C., Groza, I., Soares, A., Vale, P., Monokrousou, K., Makropoulos, C., Katsouras, G., Tsalas, N., Tazes, N., Tsimnadis, K., Lindeboom, R., Plata, C., Suters, R., Kenyeres, I., Plà, M., Filipsson, S., Hedman, F., Kim, J., Hofman, J.,

D1.3 New approaches and best practices for closing the water cycle

NextGen PSB Meeting

Final Event of the NextGen Project
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