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Reclaimed water distribution network water quality model

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A complete hydraulic and water quality extended-period simulation model for pressure flow networks, designed to simulate the advection, mixing and transformation of waterborne parameters in reused water. It aims primarily at mapping and quantifying risk in reclaimed water distribution networks.
This tool complements the Water-energy-phosphorous balance planning module in assessing the additional cost, risk and performance changes introduced in case the supply/demand combinations need to make use of an existing or projected distribution network.

Target audience

Hydraulic engineering experts in urban management, municipal and water utility contexts.

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Actors, their roles and interactions

This is a specialized model that is best used by hydraulic engineering experts, usually working as part of consultancy in urban management or water utility contexts or used by the utility staff as part of their operational and engineering tool portfolio.

Unique selling points

The tool offers a unique standardized means to compare reused water supply/demand combinations through multiple criteria, with a purposefully developed formulation for reused water, on top of advanced hydraulics simulation capabilities.

Technical requirements

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access.
  • Any updated internet browser in any operating environment.

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