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RDSMG - Regional demand-supply matching GIS tool

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Systematic visualisation and merging of open-source data (water demand and water sources). Identification of water sources by locations.

The Regional Demand-Supply Matching Tool is a GIS tool for visualising and processing open source information on natural water availability and sectoral consumption. The information can be used to identify i) possible consumption focal points and areas of water scarcity, ii) alternative water resources or areas with available water sources, and iii) water transfer from one region to another. Based on the analysis, the impact of alternative water availability scenarios on water demand can be presented.

Target audience

Water suppliers, public.

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Actors, their roles and interactions

Water utilities: indicate the need of data management.

Unique selling points

  • Automatic identification of suitable (alternative) water sources.
  • Visualization of hotspots in water demand and scenarios of water saving.

Technical requirements

QGIS environment necessary.


Schwesig et al. (2023): Digitale Lösungen für eine wasserbewusste Gesellschaft, Energie|Wasser-Praxis, 6+7/2023, pp. 54-59.

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