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Automatic floodgates

Automatic floodgates are drainage ditches with IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Ditches collect and drainage rainwa…

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Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden

In recent years, Gotland has on several occasions suffered from severe water shortages. &…

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Plana Puig, Q., Nanu, C., Groza, I., Soares, A., Vale, P., Monokrousou, K., Makropoulos, C., Katsouras, G., Tsalas, N., Tazes, N., Tsimnadis, K., Lindeboom, R., Plata, C., Suters, R., Kenyeres, I., Plà, M., Filipsson, S., Hedman, F., Kim, J., Hofman, J.,

D1.3 New approaches and best practices for closing the water cycle