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AquaNES QMRA tool for water reuse scenarios

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Water quality assessment and associated risk assessment is essential for the evaluation of water treatment. It is not always possible to monitor water quality along treatment trains because of multiple reasons. For example: monitoring is too labor intensive, detection limits do not meet requirements, or dynamics in source water quality cannot be covered by occasional monitoring. Therefore, scenario studies are required to perform treatment assessment (and risk assessment) under different conditions. In that way the AquaNES QMRA tool can assess whether the treatment of a particular type of water with an intended (re)use can meet defined microbial safety quality criteria.

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Planners of water reuse scenarios/treatment trains/systems, scientists, operators of water reuse systems

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Planners can use this tool either to assess, if their chosen treatment train fullfills the requirements for certain water reuse options, or operators can use this tool for evaluating their own microbial process data and assess, whether the treatment train reaches the required quality criteria.

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  • Own quantitative microbial risk assessment can be conducted by using default values or own process data

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V0.9.7 alpha
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